My son is a typical boy. He basically doesn't like anything that takes his attention and time away from "his shows", iPad and games. He was already not a big fan of baths unless there were tons of toys involved. Then one day he brought his tablet into the bathroom and had propped it on the faucet. Oh no. That's not going to work for me. 

As young as 3 years old, I tried to make bath time a recharge session. We were washing away the filth of the day and all of the things we didn't like about its progression. We would be focusing on recharging and rejuvenating ourselves. Yeah, NO. He was thinking about what body parts he could skip washing so that he could get out quicker and right back in front of the TV.

Older started to equal smellier. By the time he was 4 and a half, he started to smell like onions. I was shocked and very much in denial. Not my baby. Oh no. He needs deodorant? Real deodorant? Now, he also needed a reason to want to shower more often.

Hmmm...What about his own products. Maybe I could make something with his name or face on it and he'd want to use it more. The products he was using we already kid friendly with lots of colors but it wasn't doing the job. He needed something major and he needed it FAST.

I wanted something that had meaning; something that wasn't just another product because God knows, there are so many. I wanted it to be something that made sense to him when he spoke about it. I wanted to develop a product that ENCOURAGED him to do all kinds of things, not just bathe. Sooo, I developed a bath and body product for boys based on daily affirmations. I Am BRAVE is the 1st. Stay tuned. There is definitely more to come. 

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